Case Studies
Before engaging us for your assignment, we understand you require re - assurance that we have relevant work experience and proven results.
Due to our confidentiality agreement with our clients, we are unable to provide full case study.   However, we really do want to give you a feel for the work we do and the difference we make to your businesses.
A small selection of client case studies is shown below :
Business Challenge : A leading Auto - component client was planning a growth strategy to expand its operations across industry sectors, regions and also evaluate the product technology trend.
They wanted to evaluate opportunities for its product line beyond automotive sector in India and understand the size of opportunity in each of end user segments and which region and segment should they concentrate for maximum profitability.
What We Did : We recommended an opportunity assessment, technology evolution and market segmentation study
To ensure a full understanding of the market , our team conducted in - depth primary interviews at every stage of the supply chain, competing manufacturers, distributors, importers, industry experts and end customers. The total market size was calculated & Segmented by following approach :
  • Exhaustive list of relevant end - user segment and sub - segments and competition established
  • Primary Interviews conducted with stakeholders across segments
  • Product usage practices and technology need - gap evaluated from users
  • Supplier assessment to evaluate current product portfolio, technology levels, infrastructure, current product - mix, key customer segments and their contribution to total turnover
  • Norms of spending on product established for each user segment
  • Total Market size for each segment estimated
  • Addressable market established at segmental level
This left our client with a full understanding of the size and nature of the opportunity, all within the competitive context, product landscape and segmentation enabled their marketing team to device right strategy.
The study outcome was also an eye-opener as they had never imagined there exists a greater opportunity to do business in segments other than what they had been focusing for last decade. What also interested them is select users were already importing high-technology products which they could produce indigenously.
Our client decided to focus on two of the three recommended end user segment, upgraded technology and production capacity, installed a new sales force with clear targets in that location.
Within 20 months of implementation of study recommendations, the client achieved 45% y-o-y growth in turnover.
Business Challenge : A top Bangladesh Automotive Distributor for an Indian OEM was approached to set-up a local manufacturing plant in Bangladesh so as to reduce cost of imports.
The client wished to evaluate the attractiveness and viability of the project and understand sensitivity of the project on select macro-factors impacting the project.
What We Did : We conducted a feasibility study with a dynamic sensitivity analysis
We undertook the following approach to address client’s need :
  • Estimate Bangladesh market size for proposed product-line.
  • A 3 year trend analysis on product demand and likely market potential.
  • Map the Competitive scenario – current mode of operation, sales and likely expansion plan of key competition
  • Understand the government policy and its impact on the project viability and profitability
  • In-depth excel analysis to evaluate the right project size, product-mix, break-even points, working capital requirements, project – profitability, payback and IRR.
The outcome of feasibility study helped client to assess if the proposed project made economic sense, understand the positives and negatives of project, realize the sensitivity of project to the macro factors and its impact on project viability and profitability.
With an in-depth market and financial analysis, Expandus brought in clarity to decide on client's dilemma of "Will the project succeed or won't it succeed"
Business Challenge : Europe’s leading mining and industrial company wished to explore opportunities in Indian market. With an insight from their close-network in India about the vast opportunity, they were geared up to enter Indian market
The study objective of client was to explore scope for its product in Brake - liner and Welding Industry and evaluate the right entry strategy in India
What We Did : Expandus was approached to undertake demand assessment and suggest a way forward. We recommended to approach the requirement in phased manner.
Step I : To assess addressable market opportunity and
Step II : Device a Go-To-Market Strategy
From our pilot study, we realised that the study needed in-depth understanding of current users via primary interviews, their usage & purchase practices of product of interest, key suppliers and their installed capacities the current & likely future penetration of product in application segments
  • We researched, identified and screened the users, their geographical spread and estimate number of such users in India
  • Understood the usage practices – application areas, consumption norms and their annual requirements of client's product
  • Evaluate the sources of supply, their infrastructure, annual production and key customers
  • Understand market trends from user, suppliers and industry experts to assess growth drivers and issues impacting the client's product
  • Estimate current market by end users, competition, by region and forecast likely market for next 3 years
  • Determine addressable market ( current and for next 3 years )
From the outcome of our engagement, the client realised that addressable market is too small to interest their business objective and decided to wait further before re-considering Indian market.
The client found our engagement extremely useful and highly appreciated the quality of data and presentation.
Business Challenge : The client is a diversified group offering integrated EMS solutions to Indian electronic products and consumer durable industry.
One of their manufacturing divisions producing electronic components was perpetually loss - making since its inception
The client sought our expertise to assess the problem-areas, suggest appropriate solution and undertake strategic planning for the division.
What we did : We undertook Business optimization and Strategic Planning exercise
Our approach was to conduct operational audit to identify problems & Evaluate product-mix and pricings
We analysed the problem areas
  • Under-utilization of installed capacity
  • Man-power to turnover ratio needed attention and
  • Wrong product pricing
We Advised and Accomplished the following
  • Ramp-up business to optimally utilise plant capacity
  • Re-allocation and reduction of man-power for better efficiencies and cost reduction
  • Helped negotiate and revise product-pricings with client's customers
Business Challenge : The client is one of the largest and most respected Indian multi-national conglomerate with a diversified presence in technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing and financial services
So as to develop in-house capabilities and back-ward integrate for better cost-realisation for one of their division, they had focused on a high-technology product for defence application.
The client sought our expertise to Analyse prospects of business, offer project advisory services
What we did : We commenced Business Planning Services and Consulting for Project set-up
A detailed techno-commercial project report was prepared with following broad parameters :
  • Product Technology
  • Industry and Market Analysis
  • Operating Plan
  • Marketing and Sales Plan
  • Financial Calculations
  • Proposed Management and Organizational structure for the venture
The subject-matter expertise reflected from our detailed project report was well appreciated by the management team.
Business Challenge : The client is a pioneer in consumer and speciality chemicals in India
The client wished to assess the market size for a particular product , evaluate the business practices & market share of key competition and understand state - level growth drivers and restrains for the product market
The aim of the study was to increase penetration levels of its product range in the state
What we did : We undertook Market sizing and Competitive intelligence studies
A team of analysts undertook primary research approach to investigate at multiple levels - the end users, suppliers channel partners and industry experts in the state with focus on :
  • Product types, specifications and alternatives used for every application
  • Annual requirement and source and method of product supply
  • Product selection criteria's and reasons to select particular brand
  • Key suppliers in the state, fast moving product range & product packing's, key applications driving the business and Supplier selling practices
The outcome of market research study was an eye-opener for the client as their internal marketing and sales team had under-estimated the market size. The report highlighted that a sizeable opportunity of market was not being tapped till date.
The client based on the report is now re-considering the marketing strategy for the division so as to maximise the opportunity and increase turnover and profits of the division.