Coaching & Training - Getting the Best Out of People
Businesses are human organisations. Business expansion is a major change bringing in new responsibilities and challenges for the entrepreneur, management and employees of an organisation.
People are seeking to learn all the time. Developing the right skill - sets (technical and managerial) of your people will help your company thrive and achieve your growth ambitions.
Expandus offers highly interactive, interesting and customised training workshop. Our training resources are prepared by team of experts with practical & real-world experience that your people will use and apply
Expandus conducts specialised training work - shops in following areas:
  • Entrepreneur Mentoring Workshop
    • First Generation Entrepreneur Training (For start-up & expansion)
  • Management Training
    • 4Es of management
    • Leadership development
  • Navigating in tough waters…
The outcome of our specialised training workshops is likely to help people become more assertive, with improved management & Leadership skill, problem-solving, decision making and communication skills thus delivering better outputs into the business.