Market Research Services – Research To Expand Your Horizon
Every business decision poses a unique need for market information to prepare the right strategy which can be achieved via market research. Market Research has now become a crucial part of marketing plan and decision making helping management to decide the way forward based on relevant, fairly accurate and timely information.
Our key objective is to get you closer to your customers mind set, provide crucial information on what, how and when they want products and/or services and more importantly why they opt a particular product/service?
Having this priceless information by your side can work wonders for your business
In order to make the best decision you must have the right information!
Through Strategic data synthesis & analysis, Market research can help to explore new opportunities, revitalize your products, refresh your prices, reassess your markets and breathe a new life into your business.
Expandus Market Research Services can commonly fulfil the following client’s needs:
Whether you want to expand in the market or enter the market, opportunity assessment research helps identify size and nature of opportunity.
  • What is the total market size? Is it big enough to interest to enter or expand?
  • Know the Addressable Market Size – What segment of market is likely to be interested in your products and services?
  • Supply Chain Analysis? Identify the stakeholders, understand their role, how products and services get to market, what is the value added at each stage, what is the ideal channel strategy and which specific intermediaries should we do business with?
  • Customer Needs & Need-Gap Assessment: Understand how your products/services may need to be customised for specific market, Know the unmet needs – the gap between what a market wants and what it currently receives.
  • Pricing Strategy - How should I price my products/services for target market?
  • Customer value proposition (CVP) – differentiation through eyes of customer – Why would they buy your products/services
Concentrate resources on clearly identified opportunities.
Understanding where to sell and not to sell your products/services is crucial for an effective marketing strategy
  • Clearly your business is capable to operate in and not just the the market you are currently successful in
  • Develop the Segment, understand value required by customers & Size it
  • Prioritizing & Targeting the segments based on relative attractiveness to your company
  • Know the competition in relevant market
  • Develop marketing strategy including products, price, promotion, place and services for the target market
The outcome of Market Segmentation research enables you to focus marketing and selling effort, concentrate on profitable products/service - improves competitive positioning and create sustainable differentiated position
Expandus offers and inside view and actionable competitor intelligence services in India
  • Manufacturing capabilities
  • Performance evaluation: Sale's figures, production data and financial data
  • Mapping the Product portfolio & Service Offerings
  • Pricing structure
  • Key customers & segments
  • Marketing Strategies / Business Models
  • Expansion/Investment plans and much more…
Acquire In-depth insights of your competition > anticipate the challenges > Plan your strategy > Gain the competitive edge in marketplace
We help you identify technology based opportunities for growth, assess the extent to which new technology will impact your business Our deliverables for technology insights research includes:
  • Emerging technologies
  • New R&D breakthroughs
  • Technology forecasting, and
  • Technology impact analysis
Acquisition is not only about factories and assets; it is also about knowledge and markets.
Is acquisitions part of your company's growth plan? Though acquisitions and mergers are crucial pathways to growth, from our experience, we realise, there are potential downsides with 2/3rd's of deals not realising their originally stated goals.
However, a due-diligence can reduce the risk of acquisitions
Expandus offers an independent view to determine why your company is considering buying the other company and decide whether the reasons make a good argument to do so, such as an increase in the share of the market or acquisition of a new, popular product or technology etc.
Our Acquisition Study Research typically answers :
  • Evaluate what the stakeholders ( Suppliers, Users, Channel Partners etc ) think about your acquisition target
  • Is the current market of the acquisition target attractive enough and how is it likely to develop in future?
  • What is the existing business model of your acquisition target (operational practices, financials, organizational structure and employee culture)
  • What are the risks that need to be considered? ( Liabilities, lawsuits, etc )
Knowing answers to above questions ahead of time will not only give you a clearer picture but also help you assess what will it take for successful integration?
If you consider Marketing to be a "critical function" then Market Research is said to be "very important"
Never underestimate the temperament of a market. Never be so confident to envision a perfect transition that's not how it works. It works through astute understanding of the stakeholders.
  • It helps vision development as well as broader view of opportunities and prioritisation
  • It helps in good start points and right places to expend effort
The overriding purpose of most market intelligence, however, is to help the company grow – to increase revenue, profit, or market share.
It also helps in
  • It facilitates planned production by forecasting probable sales.
  • It helps in identifying the reasons for consumer resistance to existing or new products.
  • It reveals the nature of demand for the product i.e. whether the product is in demand through-out the year or has a seasonal demand.
  • It indicates the product utility as well as the effectiveness of existing channels of distribution.
  • It may reveal certain new uses for the existing products.
  • It provides information about potential or future markets.
  • It helps in the discovery of new lines of production.