Strategic Planning - Minimize Risk & Maximize Business Expansion Potential
For any business, strategic planning is a necessity. It is the key to looking into the future for setting priorities, making investment decisions and laying out growth plans
Today's global business environment is more complex, uncertain, volatile and fast-moving than ever before. This has made systematic strategic planning more difficult. Businesses are confronted with multiple forces that impact bottom line; if they do not respond rightly and timely
At Expandus, we embolden businesses to understand this system of forces; we help them assess the implications for their own organizations and to devise strategies for managing the risks and harnessing the opportunities.
We offer following Strategic planning services :
  • Evaluate strategic options best suited for your expansion: Increasing your market share, expand globally, diversify, and look for Partnership/JV, M&A etc.
  • Marketing Strategy: Do you want to be Leader/Follower/Challenger/Nicher?
  • Multiple Scenario Planning: Foresee alternative views of future in form of business environmental variables that may impact you
  • Creating a Repositioning Strategy: Are you well-known but still struggling?
    • Reinvent and adapt to the changing environment – carry out competitive & user analysis, reassess the value proposition, fine-tune your corporate strategy
  • Retrenchment strategy: Do you wish to withdraw select current products or from a specific market or reduce your operations with an aim to become more financially stable and make a successful turnaround?
We do not help clients in creating a wish list but rather help in planning the resources where you will do the best.

We use our years of hands-on-experience along with tried and tested analytical tools to assess what it would take to where you want to be in the mid-to-long term
Strategic plan is not a luxury but a necessity.
As an entrepreneur no matter how powerful, compelling and motivating your internal drive for success; it is important to identify the future growth challenges and opportunities, describe the actions you and your company intend to take to burst through them.
  • To improve results, especially important as many funders focus on "outcome funding."
  • To develop momentum and to help the staff and board to focus on goals.
  • To solve problems – or more importantly, to get at the actual root of problems.
  • To build teamwork and commitment.
  • To enhance communications and marketing.