Electronics: Project Feasibility, JV Partner Identification

Achieving Growth by Diversification & Joint Venture

A USD 2.5Bn Indian multinational & a technology driven global leader having a transcontinental presence manufacturing a wide range of high performance, critical & safety components for the automotive & non-automotive sectors wished to evaluate the viability of setting up an electronic component project for captive and non-captive opportunity along with identifying a JV Technology partner and deliver a detailed-project-report

Business Challenge: 

Sought subject-matter experts for diversification, partner identification with capabilities for market-technical-financial assessment capabilities to arrive at decision w.r.t proposed project. Eventually deliver a detailed-project-report.

Our Approach: 

A comprehensive approach was undertaken to 

  • Research and understand the Domestic and Global Addressable Market Size Globally for the products of interests
  • Estimate appropriate project size and understand the Land & Building, Operational/Technical requirements for such project
  • Project Financials based on the above project size
  • Sensitivity of project on macro factors, impact of variation in raw material prices & sourcing, sale prices and other uncertain variables on the business 
  • Proposed 2 international JV prospects
  • Prepared a bank-able detailed project report.

Our Recommendation

Outcome of market study revealed a huge import-substitution demand and our project sizing was done to position client as number one supplier in India with state-of-the art manufacturing facilities.


Considering a large business conglomerate and looking at diversification, a detailed data-driven assessment helped the Board achieve a clear perspective of addressable opportunity and key success factors to enter and expand into the proposed business.