Automotive: India Entry

India Entry Attractiveness

Europe’s leading mining company with materials applicable for Brake-Liner and Welding products wished to enter Indian market.

Business Challenge: 

With an insight from their close network in India about the vast opportunity, they were geared up to enter Indian market and wanted to evaluate India Entry Strategy.

Our Approach:

We recommended assessment in phased manner. 

Step I: To assess addressable market opportunity and

Step II: Device a Go-To-Market Strategy

From our pilot study, we realised that the study needed in-depth understanding of current users via primary interviews, their usage & purchase practices of product of interest, key suppliers and their installed capacities the current & likely future penetration of product in application segments

  • We researched, identified and screened the users, their geographical spread and estimate number of such users in India
  • Understood the usage practices – application areas, consumption norms and their annual requirements of client’s product
  • Evaluate the sources of supply, their infrastructure, annual production and key customers
  • Understand market trends from user, suppliers and industry experts to assess growth drivers and issues impacting the client’s product
  • Estimate current market by end users, competition, by region and forecast likely market for next 3 years
  • Determine addressable market (current and for next 3 years)

Our Recommendation

We recommended the client NOT to enter market as the addressable market was too small their product range and to wait until the opportunity is right before re-considering India Entry.

Client Results

While they were almost convinced about potential vast opportunity but decided to give their gut-feeling a gut-check!

A small investment on a market attractiveness study saved them Millions of dollar worth wrong investment decision which was highly appreciated.