Plastics: Opportunity Analysis, Competitive Intelligence & Market Entry Strategy

Allied Product-Segment-Market Opportunity & Entry Strategy

A USD2Bn plastics company wished to expand its operation by introducing allied product utilising existing infrastructure, marketing and channel reach. Results of our indepth market analytics and entry strategy plan helped client to decide execute in a short time and business is currently worth >USD20M

Business Challenge: 

An un-biased, detailed analysis of potential opportunity under discussion to decided go-no-go.

Our Approach: 

A detailed meeting to understand existing client presence, strengths, weakness’ before arriving at scope of study.

  • Understand the potential of market for by product, end-use application, top districts
  • Competitive Intelligence including product pricing, margins and business practices
  • Distribution/Channel Practices currently adopted
  • Marketing/Branding activities / Incentives that work the best for dealers by state/segment
  • Which Product Range to Focus by Segment/State/District
  • Identify need-gaps in the market (if any)


A clear understanding on Nature & Scale of Opportunity, Critical Success Factors, Competitive Positioning, Key Districts to focus to enter the market


A structured plan which reduced internal time to evaluate and enter market with right product-mix, segment and district focus, key channel partners answering critical questions of opportunity attractiveness.