Plastics: Competitive Positioning, Opportunity Analysis, Strategic Planning

Achieving Top-line and Bottom-Line Growth in Commodity Market

Amongst top 5 suppliers yet struggling to achieve differentiation, profitability in Commodity Segment competing with un-organised Market. Our in-depth assessment of Market, competition resulted in identifying un-tapped market potential, evaluate future growth areas, recommend a brand re-positioning strategy. The result was client grew at 2X faster pace than industry and achieved 15% higher price realisations for their products.

Business Challenge: 

Differentiating product in a highly commoditised market along with ample of local / unorganised suppliers, the client not only faced challenge of product pricing, positioning but also struggled to identify new growth areas to expand revenue and improve profitability.

Our Approach:

Since the client already had a multi-state, multi-location production facilities, market presence & a reasonable brand-recall; we did a pilot assessment to recommend 

  • Market penetration potential at District or Pin-code Level
  • Evaluate competitive positioning, business models and practices adopted 
  • Identify customer brand perception & need-gaps, identify future high growth areas. 
  • Estimate Government investments and per-capita spends on product to evaluate next growth area’s
  • Evaluate critical success factors by State and District

Our Recommendation

Focus on high-growth districts with specific go-to-sales strategy for state/district, create an alternate approach from Product positioning to using Brand strategy to differentiate product Positioning, work closely with channel partners (brand influencer’s).

Client Results 

Within 15 months of implementing the recommendations the client revenue grew 2X faster than industry and achieved 15% higher price realisations for their products.