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Should I Expand Or Diversify

A leading electronic component manufacturer in India was struggling to improve Sales growth despite having a brand name, JV partner and infrastructure. We undertook an in-depth market assessment and the study turned out to be an eye-opener. Within 20 months of implementation of product mix-market segmentation recommendations the result was 45% y-o-y growth in revenue.

Business challenge: 

Client wanted to evaluate opportunities for its product line beyond automotive sector in India and understand the size of opportunity in each of end user segments and which region and segment should they concentrate for maximum profitability.

Our Approach: 

We recommended a detailed market opportunity assessment to offer an un-biased and data-driven insight on product-technology trends, market sizing by product-range, segments and geography, competitive scenario, customer expectations and need gaps.

Our Recommendations

The study outcome was an eye-opener as they had never imagined there exists a greater opportunity to do business in segments other than what they had been focusing for last decade. What also interested them is select users were already importing high-technology products which they could produce indigenously. 

Our client decided to focus on two of the three recommendations, upgraded technology and enhanced production capacity, set-up a new sales force to cater to these segments and geographies.

Client Results

Within 20 months of implementation of study recommendations, the client achieved 45% y-o-y growth in turnover. 

Today’s global business environment is more complex, uncertain, volatile and fast-moving than ever before. This has made systematic strategic planning more difficult. Businesses are confronted with multiple forces that impact bottom line; if they do not respond rightly and timely.
At Expandus, we embolden businesses to understand this system of forces; we help them assess the implications for their own organizations and to devise strategies for managing the risks and harnessing the opportunities.
We offer following Strategic planning services :
  • Evaluate strategic options best suited for your expansion: Increasing your market share, expand globally, diversify, and look for Partnership/JV, M&A etc.
  • Marketing Strategy: Do you want to be Leader/Follower/Challenger/Niche?
  • Multiple Scenario Planning: Foresee alternative views of future in form of business environmental variables that may impact you
  • Creating a Repositioning Strategy: Are you well-known but still struggling?
    • Reinvent and adapt to the changing environment – carry out competitive & user analysis, reassess the value proposition, fine-tune your corporate strategy
  • Retrenchment strategy: Do you wish to withdraw select current products or from a specific market or reduce your operations with an aim to become more financially stable and make a successful turnaround?