Why Us?

We are best known for our hands-on and grounds up integrated approach which have come from years of cross-functional experience of 40+ years into manufacturing, research, consulting and accomplishing results.

Expandus’ difference is a set of Three critical advantages that are built into the core of our business. 

  1. Entrepreneurial DNA & Team with Real-World Experience 
  2. Proven & Result Oriented Track-Record
  3. We don’t stop at Analysis & Advising – We also help Accomplish proposed solutions

Who Do We Work With?

  • Start-ups who are focused on establishing new foothold into the market 
  • Midsized businesses that desire to significantly excel in existing business, accelerate growth and magnify impact
  • Business units within leading corporations interested in identifying market need-gaps, expanding into new segments/geographies, preparing for future growth opportunities  ( Organic/In-Organic)
  • Global Research & Consulting firms, M&A companies who seek India and Domain specific experts to support or execute complete assignments. 

Why Are We In This Business?

We realize that most SMEs in India need a holistic, affordable, simplistic, implementable solution to Excel and Expand. Our mission is to fast track your efforts to accomplish your Vision.

What Do We Do?

We are specialists in B2B market research

Our specialised B2B research team delivers a data-driven decision analysis paired with subject matter expertise resulting in actionable outcomes of the opportunities that are best suited to your business.

We analyse your business performance, identify areas of opportunities and evaluate the feasibility of your project.

We offer practical and un-biased advice to our customers on business optimization, market development, business & strategic planning.

Whatever your company’s size and needs, we advise with all kinds of specialist input that are tailor-made to help start-up and mature companies expand.

Finally, successful growth relies heavily on management execution.

That last imperative is particularly challenging in many organizations, which is why Expandus works to generate consent within management by jointly developing and prioritizing growth strategies.

Expandus ensures in making it happen!