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Understanding what is an “Addressable opportunity for you” is critical element of organisations growth planning & entrepreneur’s success.
Expandus enables companies to enter and expand into the India market along the value chain, by advising on the critical questions and paths.
Expandus helps you acquire in-depth insights of your competition, anticipate the challenges, Plan your strategy and Gain the competitive edge in marketplace.
By nature, Technology will never stop evolving and is increasingly inseparable from business to ensure relevance, efficiency and competitive advantage.
We believe you will thrive in future if you see strategy as a vibrant, ongoing, company-wide conversation rather than just a quarterly report.
Our un-biased, comprehensive & integrated analysis of your idea/project will help you "getting it right" before committing further time, money and business resources to an idea and/or opportunity that may not work in the way you originally planned, causing you to invest even more to correct flaws, remove limitations, and then get it right. In most cases, it will provide a clearer picture and a perpetually viable project.
Today, most companies have established continuous improvement programs that improve quality and reduce cost. However, the rate at which these programs realize future potential is often not sufficient to deliver the necessary business results.
Expandus team’s coordinated approach to “simultaneous transformation”, enables businesses to create the products, services, customer experiences, and business models of the future. This results into radical transformation from struggling to race winners.
With 30+years of PCB manufacturing of SS, DS, MLB, HDI and experience of setting up 3 SME units, representing Indian Printed Circuit Board Industry for over two decades domestically and Internationally, Liaising with Government for Policy formulation
8+ greenfield projects for Press & Fabrication components in Automotive Industry set-up across India focusing on 2W, 3W and 4W customers
$8M green-field project for manufacturing auto-components & 2 Brown-field expansions for consumer goods industry